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有關我們產品健康益處的信息大多數均是以科學研究及常識。 如果您有任何疑問,建議在食用時前諮詢醫生或專門人士意見。 網站上所列出的產品資料均來自其他網站、書藉的發表或常識。

​ * 產品沒有添加防腐劑,如果發現有發霉或變質,請勿使用,及聯絡我們。



Please note that most information given in regards to the health benefits of our product is backed by scientific study and common knowledge.  We advise consultation with a medical professional when consuming if you are unfamiliar with it.  All benefits issued on the listed have been sourced from either published scientific journals or common knowledge.

​* No added preservatives in this product, upon opening if product is moldy, please do not concern and contact us. 

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