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掌櫃物語  Tips of wellbeing and health:




Ginseng fibrous root helps to boost energy,prevent infection. Red dates can help to nourish the liver and maintain the strong flow of blood.  This soup is suitable for people confined in childbirth. Soothing emotions and calming your nerves.




*** 湯包並不含新鮮肉類和蔬茶

*** Soup pack does not include meat/ vegetables.

參鬚燉雞湯 Stewed Chicken Ginseng Soup


EOFY半價折扣- 需把商品加入購物車,( 價格在加入購物車後會自動調整 ), 適用於EOFY系列

  • 健脾補肺,舒緩情緒

    Strengthen the spleen, nourish the lung, soothing emotion

  • 參鬚 , 杞子 , 紅棗

    Ginseng, golf berries, red dates

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