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掌櫃物語 Tips of Wellbeing and Health:



This soup can N=nourishes liver and kidney, strengthens bones and muscles, and it is very effective for healing  back pain.


杜仲巴戟黑豆豬骨湯 Pork bone soup with eucommia Bark and black beans soup


EOFY半價折扣- 需把商品加入購物車,( 價格在加入購物車後會自動調整 ), 適用於EOFY系列

  • 壯腰强腎,補益氣血,對腰膝痠軟,畏寒肢冷人士很有裨益.

    Strengthen waist and kidney, nourish qi and blood, it is very beneficial to people with sore waist and knees, aversion to cold and cold limbs.

  • 巴戟  ,杜仲 ,黑豆,紅棗, 響螺片

    Medicinal Morinda Root, Eucommia Bark, Black beans, Red dates, Dried Whelk


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