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掌櫃物語  Tips of wellbeing and health:




Angelica can tonic blood and improve red blood cells. Codonopsis can invigorate and improve the immune system. Black bone chicken can improve kidney and liver functions, anti-aging,  strong muscles and bones.  This soup is better for people, improves the menstrual cycle regularly, and improves Iron-deficiency function.


*** 湯包並不含新鮮肉類和蔬茶

*** Soup pack does not include meat/ vegetables.



EOFY半價折扣- 需把商品加入購物車,( 價格在加入購物車後會自動調整 ), 適用於EOFY系列

  • 補氣血,增加紅血球生長,調理經痛血壓

    Tonic blood, improve red blood cells, improve menstrual cycle regularly

  • 黨參, 當歸, 紅棗,杞子

    Codonopsis, Angelica, Dried red dates, Goli berries

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