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掌櫃物語: Tips of Wellbeing and Health :


羊肚菌有益腸胃、助消化、化痰理氣、補腎壯陽、補腦提神等功效, 它還可以使皮膚長期保持細膩、嫩白、光滑,防止女性老年斑的形成。
Morel Mushrooms is good for the stomach, aids digestion, resolves phlegm and regulates qi, invigorates the kidneys and strengthens yang, and refreshes the brain. It can also keep the skin delicate, white and smooth for a long time, preventing the formation of age spots in women.

羊肚菌 Dried Morel Mushrooms


EOFY半價折扣- 需把商品加入購物車,( 價格在加入購物車後會自動調整 ), 適用於EOFY系列

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