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掌櫃物語 Tips of Wellbeing and Health:


花旗參具有補氣養陰、清熱降火、健脾潤肺、培補真元的作用,  能生津止渴、清熱除煩。

American ginseng has the functions of invigorating qi and nourishing yin, clearing away heat and reducing fire, invigorating the spleen and moistening the lungs, and cultivating the essence of essence. Can produce body fluid and quench thirst, clear away heat and trouble


*** 湯包並不含新鮮肉類和蔬茶

*** Soup pack does not include meat/ vegetables.

花旗參麥冬紅棗茶 American Ginseng/ ophiopogon japonicus red date tea


EOFY半價折扣- 需把商品加入購物車,( 價格在加入購物車後會自動調整 ), 適用於EOFY系列

  • 滋陰潤燥、補氣血

    Enrich the blood, nourishing yin and moistening dryness

  • 花旗參 、麥冬 、紅棗、圓肉、杞子

    American ginseng , ophiopogon japonicus , dried longan,

     red dates, lycium

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